A downloadable game for Windows

Your job is to replace cores at your local nuclear power plant. 

  • WASD / Controller Left Stick - Movement
  • Space / A - Grab
  • R - Restart Level


This is my first try at a game jam as a solo developer. It was a fun time and I've faced unique problems both with the engine and the development process overall. With this jam, I have learned some important lessons and look forward to jamming even more.

As for the game, it is buggy and sometimes not working properly. But come on, you play as a claw. Who doesn't like to control mechanical claws? :D

I'm not quite satisfied with the game condition, but it is a meaningful lesson to me. So here it is.

Thank you for your time. Love you all (and my gf who helped me with the art: link) :)


Atomka.rar 84 MB

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